Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Create Interesting Landing Page Content

Once you reach the point where you want to create content for your new website pages, being able to create content on your landing page that is well set out is a vital part of online advertising for your business. With this in mind, there are two really important basics in the creation of your content that could well be the make or break of what you create - the design of the landing page and the actual wording of it. You will find numerous blogs, tips and articles on the production of the actual design of a good landing page, but this article will try to address the importance of the subject matter on the page.

The marketing message of your business is crucial in importance and your landing page needs to project this in the best possible way to all potential clients, so here are some tips and guidance that will hopefully assist you in creating the most effective landing page content so that you can successfully market and promote the services and products of your company.

The first page of your site needs to deliver a very lucid marketing message, but you need to make it is concise and to the point. In essence you need to ensure that you do not go into too much boring or technical detail that your site visitors will not understand. Furthermore, whatever many people may think, it is also not the best place for being too creative, using slang terms, telling stories, being amusing or demonstrating a non-serious side to the business you are trying to promote. You should instead make sure that your marketing message is narrated in simple and clear terms. It will also help to promote your message if you are able to offer helpful information.

Your initial website page needs to be an open window for conveying to anyone looking at your pages all they need to know about the products and services you are offering. You should not attempt to promote other products, nor should you send your visitors to various other pages within your website to seek out what they want to know. Instead, you need to make sure you give them a very clear picture about what you are offering on your landing page. You should try to explain how your products and services would be of benefit to your potential customers. You should always write the content of your pages in the second person, referring to you and your, rather than we and our when you refer to your business.

Clarity is the name of the game and you can achieve this by the use of bullet points, which are very persuasive and will produce better results than hiding important information in copious paragraphs. Place the most relevant content right at the top of the page, progressing through to the least important messages as the page evolves, so that individuals can skim read the landing page to quickly determine if you have what they want.

Eliminate all extraneous content from your landing page such as superfluous images and irrelevant links to other pages in your site because this will help your visitors to focus on your first page.

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