Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page

What is a landing page?
A landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, refers to a single web page that comes in response to clicking on an advertisement. This page is very important for the justification of one's capability to convert one-time readers into prospective customers. It is expected that this page must encapsulate all information with a single exposure as soon as a reader clicks on the link.

How would be a successful landing Page?
A successful landing page must keep visitors at your site and at the same time it will facilitate and motivate visitors to proceed towards further action like signing up for promotion or a desire for purchasing a product.

Now take a look on the top tips to get a successful landing Page:

Must be Relevant
First and foremost thing is that your landing page must be relevant with your business type. Your links must consistent with your market position.

Landing page has to be interactive that means there must have something to do for the visitors. You can place some portion and box for visitors to leave their comments. Encourage them to do to the same to get customers' feedback about you. And try to answer them accordingly.

Make your page functional, clean and elegant to show that your organization is updated and upgraded. Up-gradation always helps to attain security as well as credibility.

Clear Messages
Your page must pinpoint and spotlight on a clear-cut message on the benefits of what you're offering with a hint on which is coming to next.

Unique Selling Proposition
Try to Chalk out a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business campaign that nobody except you promise to offer.

Unique Messages
If you have multiple pages allotted for different products, create unique page for each types.

Your landing pages should be multifaceted right to your website and surly will serve multiple purposes. Here the advantage is that they will easily be indexed by search engines like other webpage on your business' website.

Avoid Flash
Try to avoid using flash in your home page or intro page. Though they serve good aesthetic purposes, but take much time to download. As online surfing requires pay for surfing, the online readers try to get required information with their least possible time. At the same time as the online readers consider search engine as their one stop solution for all problem, they try to get information from it with least possible effort. So when they will not get their information at a glance form your site, they will certainly switch off from your side to another.

These are the effective guidelines that you can follow to well-optimize your landing page.

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