Friday, May 13, 2011

Things to Consider About Web Design Before You Begin

The easiest way to create an effective, standard compliant, high search ranking website is to use a reliable web design company. A company is able to guide you through all the many options to find the right web design for your website. But if you are ready to try web design on your own there are a number of elements you should consider before you being.

The whole purpose of good design is to guide people towards the information or product on your website. Every well designed website has a website plan, an overall guiding concept which helps designers to make design decisions. Your design plan should outline the main aim of your website and be used to direct all further decisions. If features of your website design is not supporting your website plan, not helping to achieve your main concept then you may need to rethink.

There are 4 basic elements you should think about while creating your plan. These are briefly outlined below.

Domain name: the easier to remember the domain name the better and you do not want to lose customers or reader because they forgot your address. Pick something easy to remember and spell. Do not use something which people will get confused, for example avoid using 2 as the short form of to. Make your domain memorable and unique. Try to choose a domain name that is full of keywords that are related to your website. If your website sells shoes try to get a domain with the word shoes in it.

Audience: You are not trying to attract everyone to your website, you are trying to attract people who are interested in what YOU do. Do some research on how your audience might find your website. If you were a customer how would you search? Would you search on Google? Which other sites might you use, social forums like Facebook, Twitter or maybe a specialized forum like lonely planet? Check out related organizations in your city to see if you can put a link on their websites?

Templates: Website templates are pre-designed layouts, you just need to add your own personal content and you're ready. You customize website templates any way you like... Right? It's that easy? Do you understand frames, divs, and tables? These are common problems with free website templates. If you do not know how to fix and manipulate them it can lead to issues when you want to change your website in the future. Also not all templates match every browser. Users who are not using the browser the template was designed on will see website differently than the way you intended.

Layout Features: If the main aim of your website is to inform users of a service or product you do not want to distract from your content. Good layout = easily accessible content. Your banner or website header should not be too big, it should not be over powering but informative. Avoid using background images as they are distracting from text. Graphic are important but make sure they are not too big or the website will take too long to upload.

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Rizkyzone said...

if I am not very familiar with web design, in designing my blog was just too perfunctory and limited to what I want in accordance with just my imagination

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