Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Monetize a Website - A Few Methods

Monetizing a website is a great way to begin seeing some fruits come from your labor and all of your hard work of putting your website together, constantly adding new quality content to it, and promoting it to develop traffic to it. There are a few ways of how to monetize a website, so this article will look at those ways and explain how to monetize a website.

First, you have the classic example of AdSense. This is part of Google's advertising system in which other people's ads which link to their sites are put on your site. Typically the ads are relevant to your site, thus encouraging the chance which someone will click through to their site. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads on your site, you get paid a commission.

I personally don't like AdSense and stopped using it on my sites a few years ago. I find AdSense ads to be an eye soar, distracting/intrusive, and diminishes the quality of the site which they appear on overall. Additionally, AdSense ads do not pay out nearly as well as they used to. Now you're lucky if you're making a few bucks each day with thousands of impressions. Overall, in my mind, it's not worth what it takes away from your site.

I've seen AdSense dry up in recent years on the vast majority of sites online. I'm actually surprised when I see it nowadays. I was very shocked the other day when I saw AdSense enabled on a VERY high ranking domain in which the URL itself was a VERY competitive keyword. I'm not sure what was going on with that, but I digress.

Let's move on to our second option which I find to be much less intrusive: in text advertisements. You've likely seen these on different websites while browsing. Rather than putting up ads around your site, these ads are randomly placed within the text of your site's posts and pages. There are a few different high quality in text advertising networks out there which make it simple to start making money from in text ads as all you have to do is add a line of code to your site and tell them where you want your checks sent.

I began in text ads for most of my high trafficked sites a couple of years ago as an alternative to AdSense. I've been very satisfied in that time, getting more clicks and getting paid FAR more than I ever did with AdSense. Plus, as I said, I find in text ads to be far less intrusive, and they are less obvious than the kinds of links which you include on your own in the text of your posts and pages.

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