Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Your Website Accessible To All With Translation Services

There is a misconception often made regarding the internet in that English is the language of the web. However, studies into internet users show that this is strictly not true, and although the internet may have been initially created in the English language, there are now over 34 languages used across the World Wide Web. Furthermore, English speakers account for just one third of web users across the globe.

These statistics show that websites need to cater for as many markets as possible- especially in the event that your business operates online. The ratio of English to non-English web users is going to evolve into multilingualism as internet accessibility improves across the globe, meaning that web pages will appear in languages other than just English. As this ratio is realized, several changes have begun on the web, in particular the 'Multilingual Web' which has been funded by the EU and organized by the W3C. This project has been put into place in order to make the web accessible for people of all languages.

If your company is of a somewhat small stature, it is unlikely that you will have the finances or resources in order to create and host up to 20 different websites that possess different languages and in some cases, even different designs. However, there are a number of things you can do in order to make your website more accessible to a wider target audience.

In order for any business to gain new clients and sales, they must cater for the needs of that particular market. In the case of your website, you must enable the user to understand the purpose of your business, what you can offer them and how your service will benefit them. In order to do this effectively, you must provide them with content that is written in their native language. There are a number of ways you can achieve this, some of which are more effective than others.

In order to save time and money, some website owners may choose to complete translations by their own admission but with some only possessing basic knowledge in one additional language, this can severely eliminate their chances of making their website universal. In addition, possessing only basic knowledge, they run the risk of completing inaccurate translations that may not portray their message clearly. They may even opt to utilize software's that can perform translations for them, but in many cases, these software's will not take into consideration the tone and differences of language within different regions of a specific country. As a result, some may opt to keep their language simple but this can often lead to your site not being informative enough or intriguing enough which in effect, can damage your chances of gaining sales through your site. For this reason, it is highly beneficial to utilize the service of a translation service.

By turning to a translation service, you will be able to effectively communicate with a wider range of clientele through your web pages. A translation service will be able to translate your message from one language to another, whilst maintaining the desired tone and message. Furthermore, a professional translation service will be able to take into consideration cultural differences which can help to eliminate offence to any markets and ensure that the needs of each individual market are taken into consideration.

Effective translations are required in almost all aspects of your business but with more businesses than ever launching themselves on the web, it is essential that your website caters for a wider audience. By investing in translated web pages, you will not only break through the communication barriers, enabling you to gain customers and potential business leads, but you will also be given an opportunity in which to greatly optimize your sales. Even in the event that your website is expertly designed and well written in your native language, your global traffic will suffer if potential customers cannot comprehend what you can offer them. So, realize the potential that the web can bring to your business and invest in a translation service for your online business.

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