Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thoughts on How to Build a Site

A website is the best way to be able to announce yourself to the world. This is especially so if you have a business or services to promote. Building a website is not really a simple task considering there are several aspects that need to be evaluated and looked into. Here is what you need to evaluate.

Irrespective of the basis of your site, the name you choose for it is very important. It will determine its future, especially during the time of expansion etc. Therefore, choosing a domain name becomes vital. It is this name that you will build you brand around. When choosing a host for your domain, look for those that provide you with links to developing shopping carts and incorporating payment gateways. There should also be security-laden protocol for credit card processing available.

You will also have to see what this host provider can offer you in terms of being featured prominently on search engines like Yahoo!, Google etc. Simply having a site that no one else will ever see does not make any sense. Look through a number of researches that will tell you all you need to know about how to get people to complete a shopping cart transaction. Almost 75% of these are abandoned before completion and you need to know why.

As soon as your site is created, you will also need to register it with services that will help you evaluate the data that your site brings in. This will allow you to develop and upgrade it. Also speak with your host service on the speed at which changes to the site are visible. Having cache problems will not be a good thing for your site.

The readability of the font on your TV is as important. Colors on different host sites show differently. You will need to look through a load of samples before you actually settle on one that best displays what you want to show. Also settle on a font that is readable. There are thousands of fonts available that will shock your senses and leave you stumped. Stick with those that don't cause your eyes to blur.

Once your site is created, associate with affiliation programs. This can be with giants like Amazon or with other vendors who have complementary services and products. This way you can make a profit on your own product while supplementing your income with others. Always make provision with your host for backup services. There will be a time when servers can crash or a site fail. You don't want to start from scratch.

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