Monday, June 27, 2011

Web Designs and Their Fundamentals

Every process in this world has some fundamentals. When a product is invented or a solution is devised, at this initial stage, it mostly comprises of the fundamental parts or features. With the passage of time, these fundamentals are added up with various new features in order to increase worth of the product or the solution, but even then, the importance of these fundamentals can't be undermined. They should always be given high importance because they help to strengthen the image of an organization.

Web design industry has also evolved enormously. There are hundreds of features available in the industry, and there are hundreds of ways in which a single feature can be implemented. It is important to keep the fundamental features right at their place. This helps in increasing the worth of website.

Web designs are the most prominent and wholesome representation of a business. The quality of website design speaks for the quality of the business. You can increase your clientele using this powerful tool, and power of web designs lies in perfection of their fundamental features.

One of the fundamentals of web design is placement of logo. It is extremely important to place logo of the organization at a prominent place with appropriate resolution. Logos are placed in such a small resolution at some web designs that even their tag line isn't clearly visible. This gives a highly unprofessional impression of their business. Therefore, logo should always be given high importance.

Managing the information perfectly on your website design is also an important fundamental. If graphics of your web design are very impressive, but even then, at the end of the day, if you aren't able to provide relevant information about your products or services to your visitors, then your website design won't be able to convert the visitors into your customers. Hence, emphasizes should be on providing the relevant information in effective manner and one should then focus on adding extra graphics and features.

Web designs are able to explain attributes of the organization through content. This fundamental should always be given high importance. It is effective if kept simple and short. An important point to consider is search engine optimization. Web designs that are search engine optimized are loved by search engines, and content play a major role in making a website search engine optimized. If the content is appealing but it isn't search engine optimized, then it won't help your website to rank high on search engines.

It should always be aligned with the nature of your business. Most people think that a good web design only requires sound color combination and captivating images. These things help in enticing your target audience but they aren't able to explain your business attributes. If you want to create a unique brand image, then it is important to manage every feature of your design according to the nature of your business.

These fundamentals should be given high importance as they increase worth of web designs and help in increasing clientele.

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You shared such a good post.Web design is the foundation of any website.In my opinion it is really important to keep in mind basic web design fundamentals which are content, hierarchy, balance, and pleasure.Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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