Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Do You Need To Create A Website?

Millions of people in the internet use website to promote their products online and to grow their business. Some people make money by creating websites. You can also become a web designer and start building websites for people and make money out of it.

Before building a website, you must need to know, what you need to create a website. Well, if you are absolutely new to web design, you might need to stop by and check out the requirements to create a website.

Domain name
First of all, to create a website, you need a domain name. Domain name is the unique name that points your website in the internet. It's something like your house address.

For example, Google.com is a domain name.

Now, you might get questions like where can I get domain names and can I get it for free? Well, you can get domain names from domain sellers like godaddy.com, squarebrothers.com, etc. Domains cost depends on what domain extension you get. There are so many domains available with extensions like.com,.co,.cc,.in,.net,.org, etc.

Likewise, you can get free domains from a co.cc website. There are few restrictions on these free domains also depending on the service provider.
Without domain names, you cannot create a website.

Note: You can save few bucks by getting a package for 5 or 10 years together. So, if you knew, your site will be up and running for few years, you can choose these packages.

Web hosting
Web hosting is the space where your files are going to reside. Webhosting like the domain names is inevitable to create a website. Similar to domain providers, web hosting services are offered by numerous service providers. GoDaddy, bluehost, dreamhost, etc are some of the hosting services that I use.
You can Google for web hosting reviews and you can find the one that suits your website. The cost for web hosting really depends on the the web space, bandwidth, and other factors. You can get a good hosting for as low as $3/month. Few hosting services offer, free domain, free email marketing softwares, credits in AdWords account, etc. So ensure, you get some freebies from your web hosting provider.

Also, once you get hosting, you are provided with username and password to access your account. You can create FTP accounts and use them with your text editors or FTP clients and make your file transfers easier.

Well, basically you need a domain and hosting to create a website. Apart from these, if you are new to web design, your hosting might offer you ready made page templates, or sometimes, they might offer you tools with which you can create a website.

So if you are able to create website with these tools, you can go ahead and bring your website to live, even within a day. These are sometimes, easy and basic.

And if your website requires, a shopping cart, or if it is application oriented, then you might seek a good web design and development company to create your website.

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