Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Advantages Of Paid WordPress Themes

WordPress is a free blogging platform that you can easily customize through WordPress themes and where you can publish your posts without knowing HTML or PHP. If it is free and so easy to use and there are so many of them provided for free, why would anybody invest money to purchase them? Here we would like to help you by describing the benefits of custom WordPress themes.

4 Pros of WordPress themes you may want to consider:

1. More Chance To Be Unique

Free themes are not unique and may look unprofessional. If you still want to make them look different from the others in the crowd, you need HTML and CSS skills and several hours to change it, or money to pay a developer who does it for you. If you have a business website and want your customers to differentiate your brand from others you may want to consider investing into a paid WordPress theme.

2. It Is Only Up To You What Are You Advertising On Your Site

Free WordPress themes usually contain links of the creator and most of them are encrypted. It drives traffic away from your site and uses precious place that you would also need for your own purpose.

3. They Can Be Purchased in Packages

In this case you can choose from different versions of the same WordPress themes and usually as an extra, packages come with other themes for the same and for different niches that you can use on other websites as well.

4. Paid Themes Are Made By Professionals

The structure of WordPress themes are very complicated and if it is made by a beginner who does not know too much about it, it can happen that certain things like navigation won't work correctly. Paid themes usually contain features and plugins collected or built for them that are handy and help you to build your site more easily. If you use free themes you can spend hours searching for the right plugins. Reading blogs and forums to find out what you need and if you are a newbie you may don't even know what kind of options are available for you.

Of course you can find free WordPress themes that look professional and have a good usability and at the same time you can find paid themes that are not so well designed. Still, commercial themes have their advantages against free themes.

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