Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Web Design Strategies for Small Businesses

If website is difficult to use, has outdated content, or no longer portrays a good business image, a small business owner could run the risk of pushing away potential clients and customers. This will not only harm your company's credibility in the marketplace, but will also deprive you of revenue opportunities abundant in the online market today.

Website Redesign: When and Why?
Small businesses redesign their websites for many reasons. Most companies redesign their sites in order to adapt to change. They may have a new product, their niche has changed, or their audiences have changed habits, expectations or technological capabilities. But it is often hard to decipher how a site should be revamped in order to meet the challenges of the changes.

Before even asking your web developer to create the site, make sure you think about a future prospect of a redesign. Has your website changed or grown over the years? Do you want to update your static HTML site into a more dynamic and comprehensive site? What are the current issues of your company website that needs fixing?

Web Design Success strategies

Here are seven tips that will help you build or rebuild your business site.

• Site visitors should find what they need easily when browsing through your site. In simpler and clear terms, it should be functional. Site content should be current and relevant. Analyze the site in every vantage point before building commences.

• Take a look at prospective online competitors. Go ahead and perform a little spy act. It is crucial that you know what your competitors are doing. As a matter of fact, it is crucial that you keep a close watch on your competition for new keywords, technologies and ways to communicate. Search engines are changing their parameters from time to time. If you aren't keeping pace, then you could be losing thousands of customers to other dynamic sites. There are affordable search engine optimization packages offered by online companies that will include site assessment and analysis.

• Know your audience and listen to them. Review customer data and know who your customers are. Ask people what they want from your site. Ask for feedback and do simple surveys that won't take much of their time. This will make give you a clear idea of what they want.

• Compile a wish list. As soon as you have defined your website's ideal user experience and functionality, start listing the things you want to accomplish.

• Apply brand personality to your site. This is where you tend to look at colors, typography and other brand traits.

• Aside from helping you with a design that integrates your brand, an experienced internet marketing solution firm can also help you make a new navigation system and site map.

• Budget money and finances. There are many affordable search engine optimization packages offered these days. Find the best internet marketing solution firm that fits your company's web design needs and is easy on the budget.

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