Friday, July 29, 2011

Web Design Essentials For Online Shopping Sites

Do you have an online shopping website? Web consumers are searching for cool web design and a lovely shopping time in your site.

As a web merchant, you must give value in web design, mainly in these places: the Order Page, and in your Checkout Page. The design of your site's Checkout Page should be insightful and helpful for shoppers. Create a positive reflection of your brand and your offered services. When consumers take their shopping cart with them, make certain that it is trouble-free for your users to click on crucial pages. When the opposite happens., shoppers can easily leave their carts and discard their orders.

It is essential for a shopping site to craft a usability checklist that will draw best practices in conceptualizing the Order Page and your site's Checkout Page.

1. Products ought to have full information, like product descriptions with prices.

2. You have to present filter selection for your products. See to it that they can narrow down their search when they want to compare and review product types.

3. Present exclusive member rates or customer loyalty coupons.

4. Furnish a sales support hotline. Consumers should find it easy to call for assistance when they need additional information on the selected product.

5. Make product availability clear. Is it available right now or must consumer wait several days before product can be shipped?

6. If you would require a site login or registration, make sure it's easy. Do not greet your customer with a registration requirement from the start of the shopping process.

7. Shopping cart and checkout buttons visibility is a must.

8. Give a FAQ service for questions on shipping, return policy and product cancellations.

9. Do remember your call to action like "Order here", "Add to Cart" or "Go to Checkout" commands. Shoppers are not dumb but it can be downright confusing with an online ordering scheme.

10. Show customers where they are progressing with the shopping process.

To get hold of a catchy page for a shopping site, you must come up with design that will catch customer's eyes. Make them return for more exciting offers from you and grow your business with these loyal customers.

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