Monday, August 1, 2011

Custom Stationery Design and Your Business

Design is an important part of every business now, especially online business. People tend to focus a lot on web design and logo design when they start a new venture. However, at times, they forget to include 'custom stationery design' on their to-do list. Just as your website and logo, this is also an important type of artwork that you need for your company. So, it's best not to wait for it until you badly need it, instead create it when you are in the process of creating other things for your company, because you might need it anytime.

Now, you might wonder why it is so important for your business. Well, let me share a few reasons to help you understand why you should go for it without any delay:

Your Custom Stationery Makes You Look Professional:

First of all, what you need to know is what actually is included in custom stationery design. There are several things, such as business card, envelope, letterhead, etc. So, when you go for it, you get all these at the same time. Now, let's suppose you have to send a letter to an investor. You type it, print it out and mail it. You can make this practice much more effective if the paper (on which you typed your letter) has your company letterhead. If your envelope also has the logo printed on it, then it will make you look even more professional. Your investor will know that you are actually serious about your business.

Your Custom Stationery Allows You to Promote Your Business:

When you visit seminars where you can find your target audience, how will you promote your business there? It's not advisable to write down your website address on little sticky notes and hand them to your market. It will look very unprofessional. So, the best practice will be to hand out your business card. This way, people will know your name and your company name and see your website address on the card as well. You can do the same thing when you attend parties.

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