Monday, August 1, 2011

Mistakes to Avoid in a Charity Organization's Web Design

One cannot ignore the role a web presence plays in helping a charity. They can use a boundless online audience to promote their causes, inform about activities they are involved in and take advantage of fund raising opportunities. Websites are rather simple to operate, though setting them up is not as straightforward. Most visitors to such sites belong to the digital generation, which is rather picky and impatient when it comes to browsing the Internet. Their owners have possibly a couple of seconds to make a good impression so that people stay and hang around the site, a process that might culminate in highly desirable actions, such as donating money, sponsoring an event or joining as a volunteer. To be able to make the most of the medium, charities have to steer clear of the usual web designing mistakes that can cost them heavily.

Heaps of unneeded data

Let's get straight to the point- page after page of text is going to bore your viewers. Sometimes charities go to the point of including minute details about their organization such as departments, organizational structure etc.- information the reader won't care much about. This information may be needed at a later stage but the initial impression will be dampened by so much material.

Boring mission statement

Running a charity is about making a world a better place, whether you help bring higher educational standards to Africa or fight with hunger hidden deep in American cities and towns. Your mission statement should be clear, concise, evocative and unique- so that readers are not only impressed but inspired to donate to your cause. Your web design show throw light on your charity's actions and how you have made a difference instead of letting less important issues detract the attention. There are various means of connecting with visitors, through heart-warming images and fiery text, and if you miss out on the potential of these you might lose out on potential contributors.

Concentrated attention

A website can be used for several goals but the primary prerogative of any charity is to multiply funds. So, your web design should be such that it has a strong call-to-action appeal for your visitors. Keep the spotlight on the 'donate tab' so that your visitors can contribute with ease. Your website viewers should be able to donate in an easy, uncomplicated and fun way. Make sure you never make your visitors feel like money-bags though.

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