Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Guide to the Web Design Process

If you use these steps as the basis of project managing the creation of your website, then you will not miss any aspects of the website creation cycle. Naturally, more sophisticated project management tools such as Prince2 and Agile will produce a focused approach to the creation of a website.

You need to create a picture of the customer who will want to visit and interact with your website. The understanding of who and how that person is going to interact is a very important starting point. The website may be a peripheral part of your business so therefore you will have an understanding of the customers you have and how they purchase goods and services from you. Your company will therefore be aware of the competition and you will know your strengths and weaknesses. The unique selling points will need to be highlighted on the web page.

First Stage
Web design falls into 2 main categories. One is for PR purposes which is a very static and informative web site. The second type is an e-commerce site which is designed to sell your products and services and requires daily attention to ensure the prices and the success of the site is being maintained.

Second Stage
Once you have decided the type of web site then you need to build the detailed brief for the web designer to follow. This will need to include branding, content, colours used, customer demographics, fonts linking between pages, and identify any special technologies which will need to be used e.g. video presentation etc.

Third Stage
The initial design of the site is undertaken by Lore which will involve as many of the key stake holders, documenting the feedback and then agreeing the changes. This is a watershed in the design process because until the skeleton is agreed then the site cannot progress. The result will be a master page template which will meet the look and feel requirements for your website. At this point a firm price is agreed between Lore and yourselves and 50% will be invoiced after the price has been agreed.

Fourth Stage
Lore will produce the final design and create the links and produce the finished web design. This will include server design and implementation, email, web space and domain name registration, the inputting of text and graphics, proof reading and checking all copy and pictures to your requirements and optimisation and testing security especially if a database has been created on the site. Once this stage is complete another invoice is raised for the work.

Fifth Stage
This last stage is the most fluid with regard to the customer requirements. This stage can include AdWords, backlinks for SEO optimisation, user training if you, the customer, is going to take over responsibility for the management of the site. Lore offers 30 days telephone support as part of the web design package. So even if you intend to take control of your website, Lore will be available at the end of a telephone.

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