Thursday, August 25, 2011

Usability - What You Must Be Aware Of

Having an excellent, well designed website with well structured navigation is not enough for a brighter future. In other cases poor design with unprivileged navigation also does not provides a good future as well. There are some other conditions that must be considered.

If you had a good aesthetic sense, than that is well and good. In addition to that usability also matters a lot, in fact it is considered to be the top most factors among the concerns of a website design. When he will close the page, her will not proceed further on your web site. The reason of his page leaving is that he would not be guided properly.

What is Usability?

Usability is the comfort level through which we can learn and use the object easily. When a human interacts with any machine or software, there must be a comfort level through which you can learn that object easily.

There are uncountable web sites and unlimited number of users surfing over internet. That means you must make your content, navigation, font and color scheme in such a way that it makes your audience comfortable in using and experiencing your website. Thus try to make a sense out of everything that all the structure of your web site is easily digestible by the audience.

You can set a list of few criteria's that can define ease of use.

Learn ability: How much time it takes for an average user, in learning the basic tasks performed on a web site.
Utility: Does the website have any purpose? The specific tasks performed; do they have any value to your service?
Efficiency: How efficiently your user can handle the tasks?
Thus it all depends on usability that how efficiently one can learn, in a particular course of time. It all depends on how strongly and organized your system, application or tool is managed.

Why it's Important?

There are a number of users that come to your web site every day. You created a lot of traffic to your web site. Now they opened your web site, but they could not find the appropriate way to do things. If it is not functional and they cannot learn the basic tasks, then beautiful and pretty lay outs would be all in vain.

If the users find it very difficult that how to browse or navigate particular tasks then it would be very difficult for them to make a decision to come back to a particular web site. Thus start asking your system usable and functional, this will help in engaging more and more customers with your website. Once they like it, they will definitely like it. There are some criteria's that must be considered while adding usability in your web site. It must give freedom to user, flexibility and efficiency of system matters, user must be able to recognize and recover the errors. System must match the real world and there must be consistency in standards. These are all criteria's that a web designer must know.

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