Monday, August 1, 2011

Keeping Your Heart Beat Up To Date for Google

Google has a series of parameters that will determine your position in its listings. It goes by the weight of your page, meaning how fast your page will load on the browser of your visitors, also the semantics of the HTML code. Then we have the not less famous keywords and key phrases that are found on the content. And there is a whole collection of little tics here and there that will decide how your website is to be listed.

Let's not forget the most important one, which is links pointing to your website. This last one is very important, in fact, the most important of all if it wasn't for the fact that there is one last attribute to your site that will awaken Google's spiders; I like to call it the "heart beat" and what I mean by this is a website that is in constant update is showing Google that it is alive.

Let say that you have your website built and all of your pages ready and from there it is uploaded to your server. Depending on the age of your domain a month later Google will send his spiders to craw your pages and your website will be placed in a position based on your keywords as well as some other factors. Next month; Google sends his spiders back on the road to review your pages and he finds out there has been no chances from the last time the spiders passed by. So next the Google philosophy is that if your website is still the same as the very first day you uploaded it to the web then that means that your site has nothing of interest to your visitors and therefore there is no need to give it a good rank.

Change is good, changing the content of your pages on a regular basis is god and to my best knowledge I would make this change reflect on the home page of you website. There are many things you can actually do; you can have a small section of your home page where every week you promote a special, or you can also provide a small tutorial on how to accomplish something. Furthermore you can post news about what is going on in your company. The sky is the limit but it is imperative that Google see's that your website has a heart beat and in doing so you will start to see the changes right away.

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