Monday, September 19, 2011

Authentic Case 2 Graff Shirts

Looking for a graffiti t-shirt? In case you are, take a look no farther than the Kase 2 Graffiti T-Shirt made available from the Style Wars Restoration Project. Created by famous graffiti writer Case Two (also referred to as Kase 2), it is an great demonstration of his hallmark "Computer Rock Style" that motivated every generation of graffiti writers after its conception in the early Eighties.

Graffiti as well as Hip Hop buffs lamented the recent premature death several weeks ago of this famous graffiti guru, well-known world-wide as being the "King of Style" but his heritage thrives on world wide. Case 2's creative force was released to the planet twenty six years ago, as soon as he made an appearance in the first Hiphop documentary movie Style Wars. Kase 2's wonderful artwork, chit chat plus passion facilitated an entire generation of graffiti writers to separate from conventional letters design and style to a more sophisticated elaborate writing principles influenced by computer technologies. Amazingly, this became prior to mass computerization. His timeless 'computer rock' style can be seen in the artwork of countless of modern major artists nationwide and global.

Almost as if a passing gesture to his history, one of the few last Case 2 styles could help revive the movie which made him famous. The back-story: The Style Wars Restoration Project wishes to raise adequate donations to restore Style Wars in High-definition resolution, so that present-day as well as future generations will see their treasured paited and/or tagged subway trains rendered in the highest quality and detail achievable. The Style Wars Restoration Project desires to inspire the progression of graffiti while at the same time preserving its historical past, such as the style of legendary Case 2. Thus, these folks have already been engaged in several activities and fundraisers... one particular had been Sept. 2010's Fundrasier at Brookly Academy of Music.

The complex story of the shirts is nearly just as complex as Kase's computer rock style. In the beginning, 1980s graffiti artist Moet got Kase Two to do a style in honor of the 2010 Harlem Graffiti Hall of Fame T-shirt. There were some t-shirts left over, so Moet generously donated the remainder of the shirts to the previous years's Style Wars Restoration Event in the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Moet screen-printed the details on the back of the tshirts, Kase received a cut of the proceeds and took one of the hoodies. The event was more than a year ago and nearly forgotten about... including a box of t-shirts leftover from the event. Considering Case's recent passing, Style War's pioneering producer Henry Chalfant had remembered the box and dug it out of a corner of his New York studio. It is somewhat odd that any tshirts actually remained after the B.A.M. function, however this unfortunately is somewhat usual for the best artists. We take them as a given when they're living, and after their passing long for the days they touched our lives. There are only about twenty t-shirts left and 2 hoodies. All of the graffiti t-shirts have an authentic Kase Two illustration on the front and B.A.M. details on the back from the September 9, Two-Thousand Ten party.

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