Thursday, September 22, 2011

Create A Webpage With Fun In Mind

Can you create a webpage that is fun? How often do you search the Internet and the pages you find are boring and don't excite your mind? The major corporations spend big money on making their pages look just right. You may not have tons of money to do what the "big boys" do, but there are a number of things that you can do to make your site look great!

I understand that there are some very serious niches out there and you certainly don't want to take away from that. When landing on a homepage about schizophrenia for example, you don't want to see a cartoon in which a character is poking fun at someone who has this disease. You want to see positive and informative information so that you can educate yourself and find some sort of hope and help in resolving an issue you or someone you know has.

However, you could incorporate a thought of the day on a sidebar or in the primary navigation area that will encourage your reader. You could also add a puzzle in which the questions and answers are about the issue. This is a way to learn about the condition while having a little fun at the same time.

Seriousness aside, you can create a webpage that is fun. Our lives our hectic and sometimes we just don't get enough smiles and laughter in them. This does not mean that you should overload each page with cartoons and jokes but enlighten your page and use animation or bright and cheerful colors. Give pieces of trivia about the product or service, add videos about how or how not to use the product or service, or add an option for the reader to listen to music while visiting your page.

If you want to provide statistics and your niche is golf, for example, design a graph made of different sized drivers or use golf balls instead of stars to show the quality of a product. You could add a "Games" tab and have several quick and easy golf games that your visitor could play. Adding a little fun in your work when you create a webpage, results in a page that your readers will remember.

Staying with the golf theme, use a variety of greens throughout the site to keep uniformity. Find an image of a golf flag or a golf pin and use them as indicators instead of bullet points next to facts. Create an area where local or national golf news can be found. By making your site user friendly and providing useful information, you are create a webpage that is welcoming; people will want to bookmark it and return to it when they need additional information.

Once you get your mind moving in a forward motion, your creative juices will start flowing and you can create a page that will be successful. Of course, you can't get to page one without advertising and getting your backlinks posted in blogs, forums and elsewhere. You can create a webpage that is fun with a little imagination.

Jeanne Lovely is a successful Internet Marketer helping people with Step-By-Step systems to get a website online.

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