Friday, September 9, 2011

The Future of Web Development

With the recent release of IE 9 soon the old ways of IE6 will surely dwindle in to forgotten history and finally Web designers will be using the higher standards of HTML5. Many large corporations have really been reluctant to upgrade their website and forget about IE 6. Thankfully with all the recent security flaws highlighted in IE 6 a revolution is starting. No longer will web designers have to build webpages compliant to IE 6 standards.

This could possibly be huge for the web development market, when a couple of the larger corporation start to change more will follow potentially creating a large workload to upgrade everything to IE 9 Standards.

Expansion in to new markets

This is one of the most important things for the future of Web Development. If you do not know or are not learning another language start straight away. With the development of many new international markets on the internet, keyword competition is on the rise in most countries around the world. This could be open a hold new market for future web development.
Many of countries such as Brazil, Singapore, China and India are developing a new internet retail market increasing the requirements for web development. As these countries generally will require use of the native language now is the time to start learning.

Integration of SEO and Design

For way to long, web designers have not really looked at the SEO of the website their designing. Thanks to the creation of SEO/Web Design companies there is a slow integration of SEO into web design. Finally SEO's will not have to completed redo all the content and title tags for new website which seems to common practice.

By integrating SEO and Design together the end produced will both achieve a high suability and ranking. Further development of these two fields should be an important part of any future web development projects.

Revolution of personal websites

Currently there has been a huge increase in the number of personal websites requiring web development. It seem everyone is starting their own professional blog there seems to be a re-balance of web development from mostly corporate website to a more even share of corporate and personal websites. This could be a much bigger market in the future as many business owners realise there is money to be made from personal blogs and webpages. I have noticed a large increase in personal wordpress pages been setup by web designers.

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