Friday, September 9, 2011

What Can Web Development Do For Your Business

The development of the internet has provided a massive new market for all businesses, internet sales growth are far exceeding the rate of the high streets. The UKs nation statistics for July 11 shows that internet retail sales were £523.4 million. This is approximately 9.1 per cent of total retail sales, this is a 2 per cent increase compared with July 2010. The Office for national statistics has shown several times that one of the industries least affected by the current financial climate has been internet sales.

So what can web development achieve? This will obviously depend on how much development is required but generally web development should increase the market area for your business, expanding you into international markets or completely new areas of your industry. This is normally achieved through Search Engine Optimisation; on site content; Link Exchange; paid campaigns and Website design.

Search Engine Optimisation comes in many different forms and can provide for all requirements of a business, from brand exposure through social media through to site optimisation for particular keywords. Normally most business think that SEO is for larger business only but the benefits for a smaller business can sometimes be even bigger than larger companies.

Great examples of a small cost large benefit strategy for smaller businesses are Google map listings. For businesses that have a regional market getting a professionally optimised map listing can make a huge difference. Some examples of business that normally benefit from this are self-employed Plumbers, Tree Surgeons, Builders, Electricians and other small specialised industries. Through the optimised map listing customers will find you through searching for "plumbers in London" for example. This exposure is generally used on business with lower quality websites in an area of competitive keywords.

Social media is another great area web development can improve for your business. With the implementation of social media in Google's search rank algorithm getting social exposure through things like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and the NEW Google + are becoming more and more important to achieve higher keyword rankings. Using social media cleverly can not only improve brand exposure but also sales. Some great methods are been used to increase Facebook likes and followers on Twitter through discounts and voucher codes. This can drive more sales and brand awareness around the world. Overall Web Development can be a real advantage over other competing companies and really can help expand a business into new markets or products.

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