Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Mobile Website Design Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Mobile website design means the future of architecture in the construction of sites, which allows smartphone users to view the entire array of details properly, as if they were surfing the internet via a laptop or desktop computer. Granted, mobile web design is neither simple nor inexpensive in the short run, due to the complications entailed by adapting all the web page elements to the browsers and operating systems of the smartphones. However, as you will notice in this short guide, it is not only helpful, but compulsory to transform you company's traditional internet page into a mobile website.

Previous years' smartphone sales surpass all predictions

Smartphone sales are should be important to mobile websites, because the ability of targeting one of the over sixty million users across the world is something any company would not want to miss out on. However, the ability to visually impress smartphone users cannot be achieved by a website that has not been properly optimized for the mobile phone browsers. In essence, missing graphical elements, animations and so on will generally be perceived as unappealing. Consequentially, the mobile website design is necessary in order to make the viewers return for more news, updates and so on.

SMS marketing campaigns can link to your mobile website

Given the endless possibilities of advertising your products with the aid of SMS message, no business owner can ignore marketing in this manner. However, rather than just throw in chunks of text or slogans, why not simply link to your mobile webpage and let your customers visit it for getting further details? At the same time, a further reason why mobile website creation is essential for any online business resides in the ability to reduce the frequency and consequentially, the costs of the SMS campaigns. No longer will you be forced to send large amounts of texts to convey all the aspects of your promotional campaign, but only the link and a brief description of what can be found by accessing it.

Not everyone has access to a laptop or desktop all the time

One of the main grounds for the rise in popularity noted for smartphones is their portability and internet access from any location. Therefore, during the next few years, smartphones are expected to dethrone laptops and desktops as the main device for accessing the World Wide Web. Therefore, since more and more people no longer check their mail or their favourite websites on their computer, adapting your website for the requirements of mobile phones is essential.

You can keep two different versions for your website

There is absolutely no reason why webmasters cannot have two versions of their web pages, one which is optimized for desktop or laptop computers and one which is designed particularly for mobile phone browsers. Depending on their web surfing device, users will be redirected to the appropriate version in order to guarantee the best possible viewing experience. Therefore, in case you were worried that optimizing your website for smartphones could negatively impact the way it looks on the traditional browsers, this guide is happy to inform you that there is no reason for concern!

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