Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown for the Best Candy bar Logo Designs of All Time

Just as important as the taste of a candy bar is its branding which includes its logo design. Since the brand mark and the packaging is the first thing that a customer notices in a product, if the customer is not attracted to the business mark, then it is highly doubtful that he will purchase the product.

There are some candy companies in the industry that have created a brand mark for themselves that‘s as exotic as the product.

Let's look at a countdown for the best candy bar logo designs of all time:

At Number 5: Three Musketeers:

Based on the old story of the three musketeers, their emblem reflects the history and culture of the story along with bright colors that make this monogram attractive at sight. Colors used for the symbol are the colors for the French national flag that give an aura of patriotism while the shield that encases the number 3 give a hint of history. To keep the design from being too formal, thick and slightly slanted fonts are used that give a hint of playfulness to the symbol that is perfect for a chocolate company.

At Number 4: Happy Hippo:

This children's cartoon character has adorned many books and the logo of this chocolate does the character justice. The background of the symbol is kept in white color which makes it appear innocent while the red and blue colored text make it eye catching and energetic.

At Number 3: Hershey's:

This is the perfect symbol which depicts that simplicity is the best approach. The silver colored straight fonts of the company name suggest straight forwardness of the brand while the dark brown color for the background simply reminds you of dark melting chocolate. The fonts used are slightly shaded on the edges that give it a 3 dimensional contemporary look.

At Number 2: Flake:

The emblem designed for this thin bar of chocolate is perfect to represent the product. The fonts used are thick but slightly curvy which gives a flirty air to the trademark. The text is purple in color with yellow background that makes it even more eye-catching and attractive. Purple color is often associated with royalty while yellow is the color of happiness and laughter. The combination of the two combined with the curvy fonts make the chocolate seem aristocrat, playful and flirty which is exactly how the chocolate is.

At Number 1: M&Ms:

I doubt if any child has had a childhood without having this toffee. The colorful M sweet coupled with the cartoon characters has made this sweet one of the most popular candy bar logo designs of all time. The yellow wrapper with the thick brown fonts make it playful and fun while the huge size of the text make it no-nonsense and blunt. It is the size and the attractive colors of their company name on the logo that make it easily memorable and recognizable all over the world.

Now that you have seen what elements have made these candy brands popular, you can now craft your own keeping these characteristics in mind.

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Anonymous said...

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