Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

There is an incredible amount of marketing that exists within the world of website design. Whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, or basic online marketing, it is likely that regular individuals will be confused. At the end of the day, each branch of marketing exists for a specified reason and goal across the Web. That is why choosing the right kind of marketing platform can be the factor of success for your business. While many people are increasingly familiar with SEO, it is safe to say that many individuals are significantly less aware of Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Let's consider the great benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMO) and some basic rules that your business should employ through this source:


This marketing concept is best understood by its intention to attract a specific and unique view, or user, to any given website. There are actually two kinds of SMO, which are understood as follows:

1- Social media implementations are added directly to the content. Examples of this method include social media plugins, buttons, polling tools, or various media like images or videos.
2- Social media promotional activities. Examples of this method include commentary on other blogs, blogging, forums discussions, or status updates on social network sites.

While SMO is very similar to SEO and SEM, it is primarily concerned with drawing traffic that is not from the search engines. It is often compared to viral marketing since the connections and relationships formed are a result of social bookmarking, unique blogs, and media sharing sites.

5 Rules of SMO:

1- Generate content that is easy to share: Since acquiring a very specified audience is the goal of SMO, the content that you create must be able to transcend social media platforms and encourage the user to make calls to action or link.

2- Implement an easy sharing process: Typically, there is some sort of easy to recognize button, widget, or plugin that allows users to share content. This is best understood as a bookmarking concept for websites or blogs. These iconic plugins are also strategically placed on site to encourage the user call to action at the right moment.

3- Encourage rewards: Think of the Facebook "like" button. When a user "likes" another form of media, this rewards the creator's work. This rule is best understood as a promotional implementation, whereby the user is encouraged to consider a long-term engagement with the relative communication.

4- Share the content proactively: Think of this rule as a means of sharing beyond your personal network. Sure, you have a Facebook account and you decide to share some content within your own personal community. However, this rule exceeds that concept but sharing via custom widgets or embedding language on another site where you don't have a network.

5- Promote a "mash up": This rule promotes new users to take your content, remix it, and further create user generated content.

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