Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Things a Love Website Should Have

After careful consideration I have collected 10 things I believe a website about love should have. You don't have to have or use everything on the list but, if you don't know where to start and want to create a love website, here are some ideas that you can work with. You can always change things around and/or use other applications, games and other information to create the perfect love website that will work especially for you.

1. A color pallet that uses: pink, red, peach, lavender and maybe purple combination

(Some love or dating site use red, white, grey and black or a combination or neon or pastel color combination but, choosing a color pallet is really up to you. Remember use what works for you!)

2. Images of hearts, hugs, kiss, couples holding hands or laughing

(You can always ad a Gallery or Library showing several images of romantic couples or romantic quotes)

3. Compatibility tests, love meters, love quizzes or interactive games for reader to try out

(Remember an interactive website will always bring repeat visitors back to you. Visitors enjoy websites that they can play around in and tell there friends about-And you know what that means, more visitors!)

4. Articles that talk about love and explain love relationships

(Remember you are designing a LOVE website so write about-you know it!-LOVE! Write about dating, romantic vacation ideas, special gifts, relation ship advice, and even scientific research on love! Also remember to speak from the heart, readers can always tell!)

5. A Love horoscopes (Visitors always enjoy them! Maybe even add some Chinese Astrology or Numerology is you are looking for more content)

6. Some romantic love quotes, love poems, maybe even a list of famous love songs

(Don't forget to add a picture of the famous poet or the video of the song you have noted along with the lyrics!)

7. Comments box for your readers with your love articles or love blog

(This way you can interest and useful feedback about articles from your visitors)

8. A "Newsletter" or "Mailing List" box

(If reader like you website they will join your "Mailing List" or "Newsletter" and they will love it when you send them updates)

9. Some background romantic or relaxing music when entering the website

(This is always great and you can play around with different songs but, don't forget to add a pause or mute button-just in case)

10. Ad some videos, slideshows or romantic videos clips

(Make it pop! Catch their attention with wow fun teasers and nice images)

There are many ways you can creating an wonderful and interesting love website but, I hope I have made the job easier by listing some useful tools for you to play with.

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mantap gan postingannya kunjungan balik ya
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