Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Quick Overview Of Web Design Choices

Many entrepreneurs are including their own web design in their start-up businesses. It is important before you begin this task, that you have a good understanding of the many steps involved in creating a dynamic site that will generate the customers, visitors, and revenue that you want to attain. A key to successful websites lies in planning and preparation prior to beginning the project.

Most people know that a blog and a website are different, however it many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to use a program designed for creating a blog, such as WordPress, and find themselves unable to create the dynamic website they need to generate revenue. This program is not designed to give you the flexibility to add multiple pages, product lists and sales lay-outs.

Having a good plan that is based on the goals you have set for your business will make creating pages and expanding your site as your business grows much easier. When you are planning your site, taking into consideration the computer capability of your target users will be very beneficial. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of adding videos, photos, flash banners, and other features that take a lot of memory to load. Your target audience may have an average home computer and they will not be willing to way until your entire page loads.

A very popular website design program is Joomla. This program has been around for a very long time and, at one time, was used by most web designers. If you are going to use the professional package, it will be necessary to have some training in CMS (Content Management System). The designers of this program have created a great set of templates that give you the ability to work with less knowledge and get a professional look relatively easily.

When the main focus of your site will be on selling products, creating a site using a program such as Magento will give you the tools you need. This software is designed specifically for eCommerce and contains built-in features that will allow you to track customers, visitors, product sales, and use other marketing strategies that will help you to build a broader customer base easily and effectively.

This is an excellent program to integrate into an established website that is trying to expand its eCommerce side. With minimal effort, the features of the program can be integrated into most existing sites using HTML. By developing a site that is easy to navigate, dynamic and gives your target audience clear information, you will be able to increase revenue and expand our website as you develop new products.

Before beginning your web design project, talk to successful entrepreneurs who have websites that contain the components that you would like to include in your design. There are many forums where you can learn about the steps you should take to become knowledgeable about creating a website that will be successful and profitable.

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