Monday, July 25, 2011

The Power of Local Forums for SEO

Local forums are excellent for local business SEO. They are a fantastic traffic source and great for creating back links. Forums were the original Web 2.0 sites because they allowed people to converse with one another. A good number of these forums have even become local review sites and if this is the situation in your niche, you want to ensure that you are in good standing in those review forums.

To locate these local forums, all you need to do is to search for them. Use Google to conduct the search using your business category, name of the city and then "forum". Once you identify the forums, sign up for a free account and create a profile with a brief description of your business. Always ensure you use a signature with the anchor keyword with your link effectively creating a back link with each post.

Ensure you make posts in accordance with the rules and regulations of the forum. Most forums require you to adhere to the following simple rules:

Begin or contribute to discussions in a relevant manner
Observe forum rules
Blatant advertising and overt sales copy is prohibited
Sign off using an anchor text keyword
"How to" articles are great to post in forums

If you post on a weekly or monthly basis you will, in a few short weeks, realize the following benefits:

A single forum post can potentially contain multiple back links since forum users may quote it as they reply to the post
Get the Google "spider" to visit the forum and index your comments by pinging the forum page using In the process, your site is indexed as well since the "spider" takes note of the back links

In many instances, the most overlooked techniques also happen to be the most effective. This is the situation with local forums. By making use of local forums, you can take your business website to new heights.

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