Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why At Times Your Website Design Irritates Visitors?

There are millions of websites on web, but not each of them is liked by internet users. In fact, there are few people hate to visit. Have you realized why? When you design a website you try to make it just perfect. However, at times you ignore few factors which might irritate visitors. While designing a website it is essential to know what people do not like to see on a website.

No doubt, designing is a creative field and webmasters get complete freedom to shape-up their imaginations, yet there is a need to curb their talent. This is due to the reason that excessive stuffing of graphic elements can distract visitors from the primary focus. Know what irritates people on web and what you should exclude in a web design of a website.

Over done flash headers

Flash headers are meant to attract and create interest among the viewers. If you have over done the flash header, viewer will soon get distracted from the subject. Sometimes, headers are decorated so wildly that it makes reading texts difficult on the page. So, make sure that you put your effort sensibly and only to the required extent.

Bothering music files

To grab viewer's attention often designers attach midi\wav file on web pages that plays music each time users open the page. This gradually generates disinterest in people as it soon becomes irritating. You can exclude this feature if the website is not related to music.

Wrong font size

The role of font size is significant in web design. Right selection of text size is very important to convey your message. If you select larger than the required text size, it may show that you are rude. So, until and unless the website is not intended for disabled try to use right text size. Similarly, excessively smaller font size makes the content illegible.

Wrong use of overlapping layers

These are highly useful in web design, but don't take undue advantage of its features by putting annoying messages on visitors' face. If you use layers unreasonably in web design to force your viewers read messages, it is clearly noticeable. This will irritate them hence, try to persuade them naturally.

Pesky popup windows

Everybody dislikes unwanted popup windows opening automatically on the screen. Therefore, these windows are blocked by many users using add on tools. Still, many designers keep using popup windows to display important message. This is the major mistake designers often do. It irritates users as they miss important messages displayed in a popup they have blocked.

There are many more other irritating features of website that are added to create more interest, however it makes users annoy. Don't rush to add too many unnecessary features to the website. Remember, if a website doesn't provide appropriate space and ease to the visitors, they will not stay there for longer. Keep web design simple and appropriate considering targeted viewers.

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